Business Planning Service

The Business Planning Service is a practical  business support service where we act as your business plan coach and work with you to create a Business Plan  to help you carefully think through the key aspects  of your new enterprise  going forward and,  where required, apply for external funding  (e.g. a loan to from a bank or similar institution).

Our Business Planning Programmes

To ensure you get the right support for your organisation we have two  versions of our business plan coaching, namely;

the Funding Business Plan for those who intend to raise external funds;  and 

the Quick Launch plan for those who are not applying for external finance but simply want help with the planning needed  to achieve a quick and successful launch (or relaunch) of their venture.

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Quick Launch


Simple planning and business building system  for  start ups and early stage organisations 

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Funding Business Plan

Business Plan writing services to help you raise funds from  external institutions.

As can be seen, the two  plans are for two  completely different purposes-  the Quick Launch plan  is great for initial  set up and ongoing planning purposes while the Funding Business Plan is more of a one off tool to raise funds from external institutions.


However, depending how you want to manage things, it possible you may require both types of plans at different points (or at the same time) during your start up journey.​


If this is the case  the good news is that you can convert from one plan to the other with relative ease.


For example, if you start with a Quick Launch plan you can use the information you gathered when researching the Quick Launch  plan,  and the knowledge gained from executing the Quick Launch plan, to help create a compelling Funding Business Plan.


Similarly, if you start with a Funding Business Plan it will be quick and simple to create a mini business plan offshoot to handle your ongoing planning needs.