Business Planning


The Business Plan service is designed to help e start ups or early stage organisations who need a business plan to apply  for external funding ( e.g. from a bank or other funding institution).


Using our knowledge and experience of what different funders and lenders require we will work with you to create a business plan that will maximise your chance of getting the funding you require.

How It Works

Using our simplified collaborative approach all you need to do is answer some questions and `plug in` some basic numbers regarding your idea.

We will then critically analyse the idea, carry out any necessary independent research and , where necessary, encourage you to make positive changes that will make your idea more viable and attractive to potential customers, investors and partners.

On completion of the process you will get a compelling proposal fully backed up by evidence, market research and full financials in a visually stimulating design guaranteed to impress the intended reader.


Note: some lenders/investors have their own preferred funding requests formats or application forms and we can help you complete them as well.


Benefits  of the Package

 As well as helping you produce a stunning business plan, our business planning service will enable you to :

better understand your business and discuss it with potential lenders

learn new things and improve your concept as you go along

access somebody who can support, inspire and motivate you to finish your business plan at a pace that suits you.


Our start up business plan fees depend on a number of factor including how much research we need to do on your behalf.


However, in practice our final fees usually range between £475  to £575.


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