Budgets, targets and forecasts

In todays uncertain times having some type of budget/target and/or forecast process is crucial to the survival of all organisations (whether start up or SME, charity or business) as they provide a range of crucial benefits including:

 ✔ ensuring you know how much you need to earn each month to break even or make a desired level of profit

 ✔ helping you monitor your financial and business performance 

 ✔ acting as an early warning signal to oncoming problems

 ✔ determining which of your business building activities work and which do not

 ✔ helping with loan and grant applications

As such, we strongly recommend that all enterprises (including sole operators ) adopt some type of budget, target and/or forecast and to help in this regard we have created two core services : 

Manage your business with budgets, targets and forecasts 

 This service is designed to support business owners and management teams to develop a budget / target and/or forecast  to help them effectively manage their enterprise and finances.

The program starts with the creation of a budget / target and/or forecast appropriate for your size and operations that reflects your aspirations / goals. Once completed, we then put in place a system that tracks your performance against your budget / target and/or forecast which will enable  you to proactively make adjustments if things do not go as expected.

Furthermore, you can opt for our monthly or quarterly progress meetings where we help you review your performance against budget / target and/or forecast and support you with any changes you need to make to put things back on track.

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Our Financial forecasts and funding applications service  is designed to help create a financial plan needed to apply for those  funding opportunities  that  simply require up to date financials (e.g. sales figures, financial forecasts)  backed up by a summary proposal or the completion of an application form.


If you are at the beginning of your search for funding we can project manage the process from start to finish.

For example, we can support you attain a list of realistic and viable funders and then help  you put in place / complete any stipulated  requirements (e.g. management accounts, proposal narrative, application form, business plan, etc).

Financial forecasts

and funding applications

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