Website Terms and Conditions     

Make sure you read the following Terms and Conditions as they impact on your usage of the Website as well as your rights.


1.1 Use of the Website

1.1.1 Using the website is contingent on these Terms and conditions, alongside supplementary or distinct terms we might bring to your notice before buying any product from the site.


1.2 Definition of terms

1.2.1 "Consumer" shall have the interpretation attributed in section 12 of the unfair contract Terms Act 1977.

1.2.3 "General Terms and Conditions" signifies these types of terms and conditions

1.2.4 "Specific Terms and Conditions" signifies the these types of specific terms and conditions gear towards taking care of any product or service that you may buy using the website, which super cedes these General terms and condition to the level of any discord between them.

1.2.5 "Web site" "Website" or "Site" signifies the web site you are surfing whenever you clicked on a web link to these types of General Terms and Conditions, as well as all of the supplementary pages.

1.2.6 "We" or "us" or "ourselves" describes the company whose given name is recognised by you on the Website.

1.3 Information available on the Website

1.3.1 We ensure necessary measure is taken to validate that the information available on the website is precise and up-to-the minute. Nevertheless we make no portrayal, assurances or promise of any sort with regards to the information, content or materials as supplied on the site (also without shortcoming, as to standard, precision, fullness or trustworthiness).

1.3. All of the content on the Website is made available for information and facts uses solely and will not represent your legal, accounting or added professional guidance. Consequently it should not be relied upon for this reason.

Updates and Changes

1 .4 .1 The Website is susceptible to continuous changes and enhancements. We hold the right to alter or even get rid of ( momentarily or completely ) the Website or any component of it without previous notification therefore you make sure that we will not be prone to you for any such type of alterations or elimination .

1 .4 .2 Adjustments to these General Terms and Conditions or to the Specific Terms and Conditions might be created anytime along with your making use of the Website, or the procurement of products or services, are susceptible to any of such alterations. You agree to your own obligation to verify in case any alterations are actually created to the General or the germane Specific terms on each and every circumstance for which you pay a visit to the Website or procure products or services as a result.

1 .5 Exclusion of legal responsibility to you from the utilisation of the Website

1 .5 .1 The Website is supplied on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" schedule with no depiction or consent created and without guarantee of any type whether or not convey or suggested, which include although not restricted to the signified guarantees of acceptable high quality, suitable for a specific intention , non-infringement , compatible use, safety and precision .

1 .5 .2 All of the legal responsibility to you that could occur from your own accessibility to and utilisation of the Website , regardless if as a result of carelessness , contravene of responsibility or not , is ruled out to the highest degree authorised by constitutional law.

1 .5 .3 No guarantee is considering the fact that the performance of the Website will likely be continuous or mistake free , that deficiencies will probably be remedied or that the Website or the hosting server which makes it accessible are clear of computer viruses or other things which can be detrimental or destructive.

1 .5 .4 we are not accountable for the content material of additional Websites that connect to or from the Website.


Backlinks to other web pages are supplied basically for your personal information and will not indicate that we agree to those sites or their information.

1 .5 .5 Nothing at all through these General Terms and Conditions shall be construed in order to leave out or confine the liability coverage of ourselves for loss of life or perhaps individual harm due to our carelessness or that of its staff or representatives . For the prevention of uncertainty this clause 1 shall deploy additionally to the Specific Terms and conditions below.

1 .6 Copyright and brand names (Intellectual Assets)

1 .6 .1 The copyright in most resources on the Website , such as their style and design , configuration , textual content , background graphics , photos along with the source webpage code and software program remain in their respective owners . Brands (regardless if licensed or otherwise) company brand names and the like are the assets of their specific owners.

1 .6 .2 You are certified to check out and momentarily save Web pages and their content material in your own browser’s non permanent cache, as well as to print out for reference point one copy for non-commercial reasons and off-line evaluation . You are unauthorised to sell off or re-sell anything at all provided by the Website, rather than to the degree explicitly authorized in line with any product or service bought by you from the Website in which such authorisation is possibly explicitly permitted or even in a situation wherein it really is an essential characteristic of the product or service concerned.


1 .7 Force Majeure –supply of goods or services purchased via the Website

1 .7 .1 Along with the availability of any goods or services purchased by you via the Website, we will not be accountable for any hindrance or inability to execute any one of our responsibilities when the holdup or inability happens from occasions or situations outside our acceptable control. Such type of situations consist of – however are not restricted to - works of God , strikes , secure outs , mishaps , conflict , fire or inability of any communications network , telecom or computer system . We can be eligible for a reasonable continuance of our duties to you (to the degree we currently owe any of such duties) should a force Majeure situation occurs.

1 .7 .2 If a Force Majeure situation to which this clause is applicable does indeed happen , we accept to inform you at an acceptable moment. If the Force Majeure situation persists for longer than 14 days, either party will get the right to cancel out the contract. When services have already been paid for ahead of time but have not been provided, you are going to be entitled to reimbursement from the day of termination for any such type of services.


1 .8 User name and password

1 .8 .1 The Website can supply the service to subscribe to be able to acquire better accessibility rights or to be able to procure products or services. In case you choose to enroll, it really is at your decision to preserve the privacy of your password. Never should you divulge your password to other people. You accept this risk and also maintain us safe for almost any theft or harm we might bring upon yourself due to a break of this clause.

1.9 Data Protection

1.9.1 We hold your privacy in high regards and so too your personal data. Hence we ensure the protection of your data as safely as possible. To this end, we affirm that your data shall not be sold or given to a third party without your earlier knowledge or approval expect for the restricted purposes underneath

1.9.2 We may transfer your data to third parties; companies, partnership or organisations within the same niche or related management as ours for the sole aim of marketing or to furnish you with new product information that we deemed fit for your well-being . You concur that either we or our partners may initiate a communication through several channels like telephone, email, fax, or even post to bring to your notice products or services we or our partners may offer. It is to your knowledge that your data may be transferred or saved abroad (further beyond the European Union) as obtainable with these processes.

1.9.3 You may change or bring to date any personal information supplied to us as part of your enrolment on the Website at any point.

1.10 Terminating the use of the Website

1.10.1 We have the exclusive right to either cancel or withhold your right to have access or explore the site at any point in time without previous knowledge and without elaboration for our actions.

1.11 Waiver

1.11.1 No waiver by us (directly or indirectly) in implementing any of our rights shall preconceive our right to implement such rights at a future date.

1.12 General

1.12.1 If any requirement of these General Terms and Conditions is alleged to be illegal, false or null and void, that requirement shall be considered very seriously and the legality and the implementation of the remaining requirement shall not be influenced.

1.12.2 If there is a disagreement between these General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions that relate particularly to the procurement of a select number of goods or services through the Website, the Specific terms and Conditions shall be enforced.

1.12.3 Only individuals who are direct parties to the accord protected by these General Terms and Conditions shall have access to the right within the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to implement any term of the accord.

1.12.4 As a buyer, you have the exclusive right to initiate a cancellation of a contract for the supply of goods or services, by calling our attention to it through writing, at any point in time before seven working days have elapsed from the day after the contract was initiated. If we have begun to exercise our part of the contract before you decide to cancel, then that right is not within your reach any more.

1.13 Notices

1.13. 1 This proviso operates where these General Terms and Conditions or the Specific Terms and Conditions issue directly or by insinuation for the service of notices.

1.13.2 Any notice that should be handed down under our accord with regards to you or that connects you with the issues under inspection, only if stated differently, be written in the English language.

1.13.3 Any such notice shall be sent to the business address of the second party and could be:

1.13.4 Delivery in person

1.13.5 In the event that it is within the United Kingdom, it shall delivered through first class pre-paid post,

1.13.6 If it is coming from or going outside the shores of the United Kingdom, it shall be dispatched by pre-paid airmail, or by air courier

1.13.7 Dispatched by facsimile,

1.13.8 Dispatched by electronic mail,

1.13.9 In every case, it shall be adjudged to be given when received.

1.14 Governing law and Jurisdiction

1.14.1 Using the Website and the procurement of any products or services from it is regulated in line with the Scottish Law.

1.14.2 The Scottish courts shall have the sole authority over any disagreement or quarrel whatsoever that emanates out of or in conjunction with your use of the web site or the procurement of any products or services from it