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Form (legally set up) your project to get it officially up and running and put in place all the necessary legal & administrative features to ensure you are covered compliance wise .

Business Planning

Create a Business Plan  to help you carefully think through the key aspects  of your enterprise to ensure you are properly prepared , get off to the best possible start and/or can apply for funding.

Financial Direction &
Progress Checks

Work with a finance coach & business mentor to help you keep a watchful eye on your financials,  assist you  with decision making from a financial perspective and keep you  on track to meet your goals.

What is a Startup? 

A startup is a young enterprise (typically less than 5 years old) founded by one or more entrepreneurs to bring a product or service  to market  that solves a problem experienced by a group of people.

Generally , there are three stages to every start up as follows: 

Idea / Seed Stage

At this stage your enterprise is just a thought or an idea. The focus will initially be on planning issues  (e.g. writing up some type of business plan, test marketing, prototyping), followed by preparatory activities for launch (e.g. forming your company, building a team,  secure funding, etc.)

Initial Trading & Traction Stage

At this stage the enterprise is now up and running making some sales. The focus now is to entrench market acceptance of your products/services, build a strong customer base and  figure out what works and what does not - especially in terms of  sales and lead  generation. Ongoing business planning will play a major role.

Growth & Scaling Stage

At this stage revenues and customers are increasing and you more or less know the processes  driving  this success. The ‘trick’ now  is  to optimize your marketing  to iterate these processes  to increase sales at a rapid rate. Putting in place the infrastructure needed  support your growing sales (e.g. more staff) will  be vital.

 When these rapid sales eventually level off and your  business processes become routine (maybe after a couple of years) you will no longer be a startup.  You will officially be an established enterprise.


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 I hate finance but focusing on my targets is making things so simple for me and I am learning a lot  about my consultancy

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