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Even if you are not self employed (or in business) there are still circumstances where taxation issues can come into play for you as an individual. They can relate both one off and ongoing activities which include the following:


▶  You have untaxed income  

▶  You think you may be due a tax refund 

▶  You are a Minister Of Religion  

▶  You get (or will get) Direct Payments from the local authority   

▶  You want to set up a pension and/or or review your current one(s).

Not getting the tax right in these situations (especially at the outset) usually leads to heavy problems or you loosing out financially. So if any of the above circumstances apply to you  it is advisable to get in contact as soon as possible.

Our Services


Our Tax Return service is designed to help you complete a tax return if you have received any untaxed income during a tax year. Such income can include the proceeds from the sale of a personal asset, profits from renting out property, income from savings, investments, dividends or `trading` (e.g. shares, cryptocurrencies, etc). If you are self employed /sole trader then the profits from your business will also be included on the tax year return (see our business accounting and tax service). 

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Tax Returns (for untaxed income)


Ministers Of Religion

If you are a Minister Of Religion ( of any faith or denomination) you will need to complete a tax return if you are  working on a self employed basis  and, in certain circumstances,  if you work  as an employee. Ministers Of Religion have some special tax rules and our service will provide the relevant guidance and file the required HMRC returns on your behalf. If you have income from other sources (e.g. profits from renting out property) they will also be included in your tax return

Tax Refunds

Our Tax Refund service will help you claim a tax refund if your circumstances mean you are due a tax rebate for some reason. The service caters for most tax refund situations including CIS Refunds, employee uniform cleaning and home office use, pay from your current or previous jobs, redundancy payments, foreign income, pension payments, etc. If you also have any self employment income this will need to be taken into account and will involve completing a tax return (see our business accounting and tax service).

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Direct Payments

Our Direct Payments service is  designed to support Direct Payment employers -i.e. individuals given funds by their local authority to take on a carer /personal assistant to help them with their health and care needs. We can help with the complexities of employing somebody (payslips, PAYE , contracts, compliance, etc) or taking somebody on as self employed. Where relevant, we can also manage the budget including handling the periodic returns to the local council and dealing with any financial or compliance matters arising.


If you want to sort out your pension affairs we recommend you seek the advice of a FCA registered independent financial adviser given the wide choice of pension options and complex tax issues involved. We can put you in touch with such a specialist who will review your circumstances and help you on your way to achieving the income level and lifestyle you desire at retirement. Indeed, research shows that those who seek financial advice usually end up with better financial outcomes and wealth than those who do not.

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