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Forming a new business in the UK is essentially about registering your chosen business name and Legal Structure with the relevant government authorities (so they know of your existence) and then putting in place  some legal, financial and administrative measures to keep compliant going forwards.

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The forming & registering process is the crucial first step in starting a new business and getting this right at the outset is imperative as mistakes made during  this stage are usually very costly and difficult to correct.  


Indeed, we estimate  there are over 37 common errors made  by start ups which can lead to various bad outcomes like higher than expected tax payments, fines and penalties, large amounts of administrative work and costs, unexpected loss of your personal assets, inability to raise required funds, etc.

Our robust and complete formation service  will help you avoid these errors and get you off to the best possible start

Formation Service

Once you have decided to start your dream  business (and have a thought of a business name) we will adopt our comprehensive formation  workflow to provide you with a fully supported formation that includes:

  Clearing  and protecting your proposed business name


✓  Dealing with the various  pre formation legal or financial issues that may impact your project including the best Legal structure to choose.

⚠ Do not sign anything major in your personal name until you have established what legal structure you will use.

✓ Officially  registering you with the relevant authorities and government departments 

✓  Carry out a full post formation compliance check.


 ✓  Provide you with the details of any suitable FREE or affordable government schemes (e.g. grants, training opportunities, employer schemes, etc).  

✓  Provide you with some  optional additional services which you can purchase to help you run your business (e.g. including business call answering and mail forwarding services, bank account referrals, etc ).

Indeed, using our service will ensure you get your project off to the best possible start as well as save you hundreds) if not thousands) of pounds  in professional fees , fines and unnecessary  paperwork later down the line.


Our formation fees, including any consultations, are based on the legal structures chosen for your project and any extras requested. However, in general our formation fees range between £50 to £140  depending o the klegsl structure and uiur requirements.

Getting Started 

If you are ready to start your business formation (or discuss your project generally) please complete our simple and  short  Business Formation Contact Form  so we can support you properly from the outset.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us by Whatsapp, phone or by e-mail as follows: 

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