Profit making businesses are individuals / organisations that provide goods and/or services in exchange for money with the aim of maximising profits and range from self employed individuals to large multinational companies


Starting a business is a very popular career choice for many people because it allows them to make a living doing something they really enjoy and pursue financial independence and a good work life balance.


As a potential new business owner, the key formation issue you face  is deciding which  legal structure is best for you.


A legal structure is a set of rules (as laid down by the law) which determine how you govern and run your business. 


There are six main legal structures available for businesses and choosing  the correct one is very important because the choice directly  impacts how you can raise money, the protection you get from business debts, the degree of tax planning opportunities and the level of public accountability.


This choice, along with other formations issues, can get very technical so to help in this regard we have created a robust formation package which can handle the entire  formation process  for you. 

The Business Formation Package

At FD 4 Startups  we adopt a collaborative  approach to formations which enables us to provide you with a comprehensive and fully supported formation package that includes:

Clearing your proposed business name for use and , where required, advising on the  strategies  to prevent your

name and brand being used or exploited by third parties.


O Provide you with FREE Domain (e.g. Dot.Org,uk or  and help you reserve your social media handles before somebody takes them. 

O Helping you decide on the best legal structure for your business

O Signing you up to the relevant government departments (e.g. Self Assessment, PAYE, VAT, etc) so they know of your existence .

O Carry out a full compliance check of the main legislation and regulations that you need to comply with 

Provide you with the details of any suitable FREE or affordable government schemes you can benefit from (e.g. grants, training opportunities mentoring, advice, etc). 

The final part of our formation service is to provide you with a comprehensive FREE  personalised ‘Readiness checklist` for you to work through. 


The checklist  will list all the major administrative, legal & financial items that you need to know about, carry out or put in place to get your venture started on the right footing.

O After formation we will provide you with a link to some optional additional services which you can purchase to help you run your business including business call answering, virtual business address and mail forwarding services, bank account referrals, etc. 


Our formation fees, including any consultations, are based on the legal structures chosen for your project and any extras requested. However, in general our formation fees range between £100 to £150.


Getting Started  

 If you want to discuss your project generally you can  Contact Us  by Whatsapp, phone or by e-mail

However, if you ready to start your formation  we ask that you read our Business Legal Structures guide and then complete our Business  Formation Contact Form (see below) so we can support you properly from the outset.



Business Formation Contact Form

1. Contact Details
1.4 Preferred method of contact
2. About Your Business
2.1 Will the buiness be run by one person or will it be run by two or more co owners ?
2.2 Will you initialy be self funding (e.g. personal funds, friends & family, etc) or will you be seeking external funding ( e.g. from a bank) ?
2.4 Are you already up and running or making sales in some way?
Note: Do not sign anything major in your personal name until you are sure of the legal structure you will adopt going forwards.
2.5 Please indicate the legal structure you feel best matches your circumstances?
3. Further Information

Thanks for submitting!

What happens next ......

1. If you have selected a preferred legal structure and you have no  queries  (and we detect no issues) we will  send you a link to the relevant formation order form to get the formation process underway.


2.  If you have indicated you are unsure which legal structure to adopt may and/or have posted a query,  we will contact you to help and support you with your formation.


 We will also contact you before sending you the relevant formation link if we spot a potential problem originating from the legal structure chosen and the nature of business description you gave.  


We have detected many potential start up issues from these pieces of information which is why it is important to fill these fields properly on the form.