1. Contact Details
1.4 Preferred method of contact
2. About Your Business
2.1 Will the buiness be run by one person or will it be run by two or more co owners ?
2.2 Will you initialy be self funding (e.g. personal funds, friends & family, etc) or will you be seeking external funding ( e.g. from a bank) ?
2.4 Are you already up and running or making sales in some way?
Note: Do not sign anything major in your personal name until you are sure of the legal structure you will adopt going forwards.
2.5 Will you be doing all your work for one business or person?
2.6 Please indicate the legal structure you feel best matches your circumstances?
3. Further Information

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What Happens Next ?


You will immediately receive a Submission Receipt Number for reference in

your e-mail inbox.

o If you have selected a Preferred legal structure and you have no  queries  (and we detect no issues) we will send you a link to the relevant formation order form to get the formation process underway.

o If you have indicated you are Unsure which legal structure to adopt and/or have posted a query, we will contact you to help and support you with your formation.


We will also contact you before sending you the relevant formation link if we spot a potential problem originating from the information you give. Indeed, we have detected many potential start up issues from the snippets of information you give in the form .