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The Quick Launch plan is designed for organisations that are pre start ups or are in the early stages of trading who are not currently seeking external funding (so do not require a lengthy traditional business plan) but simply want  help  with the planning needed to achieve a quick and successful  launch ( or relaunch ) of their project.

How It Works

Essentially, the service involves us working with you to write up a mini business plan for your venture which is a condensed, quicker to complete, version of a traditional business plan.


The program starts by us conducting a review of your current business concept ( using our Leanbase Framework Checklist) which will enable us to identify the key planning decisions and features you need to implement in order to maximise the chances of success.


This will  include establishing the financial targets you need hit to be successful, ensuring you are set up in the least riskiest and costliest way (as appropriate ) and putting in pace a raft of  measures  that will make your project more viable and more appealing to potential customers, investors and partners.


The results of the review will be incorporated into your mini business plan alongside a financial plan/forecast to map out how you will fund the achievement of your goals,


By the end of the  process you will have a concise plan that covers all bases and gives you complete confidence in your venture  and the verve to turn your dreams into reality.

A 'Living' document   

A key feature of the plan is that, once completed, it should be used as a tool to help you regularly monitor your business performance going forward.

Therefore, as you review your performance against your targets monthly or quarterly, you should update your plan with any resulting changes in tactics or strategy to keep the plan current and useful.

How Long Does It Take? 

Depending on how much planning and research is needed to get you up to speed, you may need around three coaching sessions  (each of 45 mins in duration) to complete the Quick Launch plan . 

Ongoing Support

If you are like many of our clients who require help with the ongoing monitoring  and planning side of things you can  join our Financial Direction & Progress Checks  service where you will get the support you require via scheduled monthly or quarterly meetings.



The pricing scheme for the Quick Launch plan is based on a fee per session.


The fee per session is £75.


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