Financial Direction & Progress Checks

The Financial Direction & Progress Checks programme is an innovative financial management service where we work with enterprise owners and management teams on an ongoing basis to help them keep a watchful eye on their finance, assist with decision making from a financial perspective and keeping them on track to meet their goals.

As the  program is based on our Leanbase philosophy, there is a heavy emphasis on making your finances easy to administer by using simple targets and metrics as the primary control tool to monitor your financial and  business performance .


How It Works 

In a nutshell, the service involves pairing you with one of our experienced accountant and business mentors who will work with you via monthly , quarterly or six monthly scheduled `management meetings / progress checks`. 

Whichever frequency you choose for your management meetings two main activities will be carried out  during each meeting.

The first  of these activities will involve us overseeing the process of comparing your latest performance against your targets and then working out what changes to make to put things back on track if performance did not go as expected.

Secondly, there will be a Question and Answers section of the meeting where you get the opportunity to discuss  other finance matters relating to your organisation like raising finance, tax and accounting issues, taking on workers, purchasing a major asset, pay and benefits for owners and leaders, etc) 

By making these meetings  an integral part of your management routine you will never have to worry about making business decisions again as we will ensure you will always have up to date financial information and access to expert advice whenever you have a problem.

Prerequisites for the service

As minimum, you will need some type bookkeeping system in place, preferably cloud based.


If you need support with this you can enrol on our FD Bookkeeping  and Accounting Service which can be  optimised for the Financial Direction programme.

Who is the service aimed at

As financial and business performance monitoring is essential for all organisations the Financial Direction programme is  suitable  for all types of enterprises.  So whether you are self employed massage therapist or a fast growing retailer or church you can benefit from the service.


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