The Leanbase System

Simple financial and business planning
for startup and early stage organisations.
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The Leanbase system is a simple financial and business planning system designed to help business owners and management teams  to  monitor and control their financial and business performance even if they do not have relevant financial or commercial experience.


The system is an integral part of our Business Planning Service  which we use to help start ups and small enterprises achieve their goals.

In essence, the Leanbase system is all about determining a set of financial and non financial targets  as a tool to help you  monitor and  control your business performance and then ensuring you have a balanced plan in place to meet these targets. 

Financials and targets

The starting point of the Leanbase system always involves the creation of a financial plan/forecast and a set of Key Performance Targets (KPTs) that reflects your business plan/ aspirations.  

The idea then is that you stick firmly to this plan (and the achievement of these key performance targets) only making revisions and changes when there is clear evidence that an event /occurrence has happened, or is about to happen, that can make a material difference (positively or negatively) to one or more KPTs or your overall business performance. Examples of such events/occurrences include a series of poor sales, a major change in legislation or technology,  taking on a new employee, the results of a test and measure initiative, the Covid 19 pandemic, securing a new contract,  running out of cash, etc.​


Therefore, a vital part of the Leanbase system is ensuring that some form of monitoring process is put in place that can keep track (periodically or in real time) of your performance against your targets and detect any potential threats and opportunities.

Balanced Plan 

To help you maximise your chances of achieving your targets we generally encourage you to examine and implement, as a minimum, what we call the seven non negotiable planning decisions.

These are the key planning decisions proven to boost the chances of success and, if you look closely enough, you will find that most successful start up enterprises have implemented most ,if not all, of these must these do planning decisions.

As such, the more of these planning decisions you implement (as well as others that complement them), the stronger the foundation for your future business growth.

Who is the programme aimed at  

The Leanbase programme will be useful to business owners or management teams of ambitious start up or growing enterprises of any type ( businesses, charities, social enterprises, etc) who have a project they are passionate about and and keen to see it grow.

Accessing The Programme

Due to Corvid 19 pandemic the Leanbase programme is no longer available in it`s usual training course format.

However,  the Leanbase programme programme is now incorporated into our core services  (i.e.  our Business Planning and  Financial  Direction and Mentoring services) which means you get the benefit of having the principles of the programme tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. 

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The Leanbase System 

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