The Formation Service

The  Enterprise  Formation  Service  is designed for anybody with an idea for enterprise who wants to form (legally set up) an organisation to get their project officially of the ground. 


The service caters for the formation of all types of organisations which we classify as follows:


O Businesses ( profit making businesses) 


O Social Mission Organisations ( e.g. charities, social enterprises, community groups)


Clubs, Societies and Associations .


You can choose the type of formation you require by clicking on the relevant option below:

 1. Businesses


Start your own business and make a living (or get rich ) being your own boss and doing something  you really enjoy and are good at.

2. Social Mission Organisations


Start your own Charity,  Social Enterprise or Community Group and fulfil your dream of making a positive difference to peoples lives. 

3. Club, Societies & Associations


Start your own Club, Society or Association to pursue and promote the common interest of your chosen membership.