The Leanbase System

Simple financial and business planning
for startup and early stage organisations.
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Now more than ever, having some form  of ongoing  financial  and business planning system is critical to the survival of all organisations (whether start up or SME) yet this aspect is overlooked by so many organisations.


So to help in this regard we created a  simple  lean planning system called Leanbase - a system specifically designed to help start up enterprises to monitor and control their financial and business performance even if they lack relevant financial or commercial experience.

In essence, the Leanbase system is all about determining a set of financial and non financial targets  as a tool to help you  monitor and  control your business performance and then putting in place  a solid foundation to meet these targets and grow. 

Setting your targets

The starting point of the Leanbase system always involves the creation of a financial plan / forecast and a set of Key Performance Targets (KPTs) reflects your business plans and  aspirations.


The  idea is that , motivated by the knowledge of the targets you need to achieve to be successful, you can go all out to achieve these targets using all your talent, passion and resources.

Therefore, a vital part of the Leanbase system is ensuring that some form of monitoring process is put in place that can keep track (periodically or in real time) of your actual performance against your targets which, amongst other things, will alert  you if and when you need to make changes to put things back on track.

Laying the foundations for growth.

To help you maximise your chances of achieving your targets we generally, as a minimum,  encourage you to examine and implement what we call the `seven non negotiable planning decisions  for growth`.

These are the seven key planning decisions proven to boost the chances of success and, if you look close enough,  will find that most successful start up enterprises have implemented most ,if not all, of these must these do planning decisions.

As such, the more of these planning decisions you implement (as well as others that complement them), the stronger the foundation for your future business growth.


Who is the system aimed at   

The Leanbase system is flexible enough be to adjusted to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and types including business, social enterprises, charities, etc.


The only real requirement is that you understand the need for ongoing planning  and that  you have the `growth intent` and/or ambition to take your organisation to higher places.

Accessing The Programme

The Leanbase programme is now incorporated into our core  Business Planning Service which means you get the benefit of having the principles of the programme tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. 


As part of the service you will get a copy of the Leanbase workbook from which we will frequently work together as a template and practical guide.

The workbook  will also serve you well after we finish working together and we will continue to send you FREE updates  and tips so you can continue getting the best from the system.