Our Company Purpose 

“to educate, support, and deliver hands on services to start up and early stage  organisations to help them avoid the common set up pitfalls, manage their finances and grow their organisation in the most efficient  way"

Who we are

FD 4 Start Ups  is a financial and business planning service designed  specifically to support the many start up business  owners and management  teams  require guidance with the finance and business management side of things. 

The problem we solve

Many talented start up entrepreneurs usually come into their industries with great  ideas and/or technical knowledge but lack the commercial experience and or ability to effectively carry out (or oversee) the planning and financial administration.


Usually, this leads to a lot of lost opportunities and a host of problems ranging from disputes with suppliers and customers to complete business failure.


Indeed, the lack of basic financial and business planning is the root cause of most problems suffered  by start ups.

Our Solution

 As proper financial and business planning is clearly the solution to many of the problem experienced by start ups we actively encourage all our clients (even the `one man bands`) to implement some form of planning.

Indeed, to help in this regard we have created a simple financial and business planning system called  Leanbase   that enables busy start up entrepreneurs to keep their fingers on the pulse of their enterprise even if they do not have financial or commercial experience.


This system, along with our three core integrated services ( Formations, Business Planning  and  Financial Direction With Progress Checks)  enables us to effectively support start up entrepreneurs at any stage of their start up journey.


So whether you are about to begin your business journey, or are already up and running, we can eliminate costly errors, help you plan accordingly, put in place the right support network and help you achieve your goals faster.