Tax Return Service

Our Self Assessment Tax Return service is designed handle all  your tax return needs ranging from initial  registration to preparing and submitting self-assessment tax returns  with the lowest possible  tax liability.

 We can help with most self assessment  situations but our focus is on business people including  :

O sole traders and other self employed individuals (e.g. freelancers, gig economy workers, etc)

O anybody (employed, self employed or unemployed) who has rental income 

O directors of a limited company who are paid dividends

However, the service can also help with the usual one off tax refund situations including CIS Refunds, employed individuals working two or more jobs in a tax year, employees who can claim for expenses like uniform cleaning and home office use, etc.

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At FD 4 Start Ups we understand that the tax season  can be a scary and /or stressful time for many taxpayers so we have designed the service to take the pressure off the taxpayer as much as possible. 

How It Works 

Our self assessment tax return service is administered in three easy steps as follows:

Step 1:  Complete our simple information gathering form.


This will enable us to get an understanding of your circumstances and determine what we need to serve  you properly. 

Step 2: We provide you with a list of the documents we need to complete your tax return  along with a quote for the work we will do.


Usually the price will be between £50 - £70  (for the more simple cases) or between £145 - £165 ( for more complex cases).


However, if we have to produce your income expenditure / business accounts from your records then there will obviously be an extra charge for this.


Step 3: We complete and file your tax return

Once we have received your payment we will pair you with your qualified tax accountant who will complete your tax return.


After you have reviewed and approved your return we will file it with HMRC on your behalf. 


You can then make payment in the way that is best for you.

Trouble Shooting

At FD 4 Start Ups we want you to aspire to be a model tax payer that you no doubt want to be.

However, due to personal circumstance beyond your control , you may find yourself unable to meet one or more of your obligations as a tax payer  (e.g. unable to register on time or  pay the full amount of tax) causing you great worry and stress.

If you find yourself in such a situation we will help you find a solution and, where necessary, get HMRC to handle your case sympathetically until you sort out your issues.


If you are ready to get started please Contact Us  and converse with Richard by Whatsapp, phone or  e-mail  to take the process further.