Launch Party & Events 

Launch Event Planning

After months of hard work, testing and planning you are ready to launch your company, product or service .



Now it is time for you to throw a launch party or event to announce your company, product or service to the world - in style.

As well as being a celebration of an important milestone, launch events are an opportunity to show potential customers and investors, friends and family, and the world what you have been working on and what you have to offer.


The buzz, positivity and feel good factor generated by a successful lunch party can be long lasting and every organisation should consider doing one.

However, organising a launch event can be stressful and will take up hours of valuable time and you can loose credibility if you do not get it right.

This is where the our Launch Party & Event planning service comes in. We  will take this planning burden off your hands and help you to create a launch event that perfectly combines entertainment and the promotion of your company, product or service.


Planning launch event is easy when you’re working with our event planners. All you need to do is tell us about the company, product or service you’re launching, the number and type of guests, and your budget.


Once we have this information we will do the rest and deliver a fabulous event.

Depending your aims, budget and potential attendees launch events can range from a formal presentation event in a hall to a full scale party at a plush night venue with DJs, VIPs, drinks, etc


Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of including the parking, the guests, security and the food and entertainment.

And, of course, we never loose sight of the real star of the show – your new business, product or service.


So proper thought will be given to how best to promote your company, product or service on the day (e.g. demos, displays, leaflets, etc) amidst all the excitement of the event !

Attendees will leave your event feeling entertained but with knowledge of your company, product or service that they can share positively with others.

Getting Started

If you want to have a launch party or event for your new or early stage enterprise please contact Krishna or Yelitz on  or complete our online Contact Form and they  will get back to you on the best way to take the process further.