Start Up Mentoring

 Our start-up mentoring program is designed for you if you're ready to turn your idea into a thriving enterprise or have already started an enterprise and want to replot, “pivot” or reimage it.

The coaching is based on our Leanbase financial and business planning system specifically for  today`s fast moving and uncertain business environment where you need regular periodic reviews and revisions to your product /service and business model in order to achieve and maintain business success.


Therefore, the aim of the program is to work with you to get a competitive version of your product /service out there as quickly as possible and then get you in the habit of continuously monitoring a set of key financial and non financial factors that will keep you informed and able to make the right decisions to delight your customers, ignite growth and maintain financial stability.

How It Works 

The coaching sessions are designed to enable us to apply our Leanbase methodology to  your business concept to help you create a compelling proposition, a financially viable business model and to ensure you are set up in the least costliest and riskiest way.

Going forward, you will have access to scheduled monthly or quarterly progress checks to, not only help you continuously monitor and improve your business performance, but also tackle any big decisions that need be made and generally inspire you to achieve maximum results.

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The coaching sessions & progress checks (which can be face to face, by phone or on line)  may contain some element of theory which we apply to your business and at the end of each session it is agreed what “homework” needs to be done by the next meeting


Depending on where you are at in the start up process, you could need between three to six initialisation coaching sessions (each of 1.5 hours in duration) to get you ready for market and at least three progress meetings to familiarize yourself with the monitoring and periodic review processes. 


However, many of our clients find the progress checks very useful and choose to continue with them for an extended period of time.


The scheme works well in practice because, after the initial set up stage, the progress meetings do not take up much of your valuable time (i.e. only 3 - 6 hours per month or quarter on average) which make it a cost effective way to get high level support. 



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