Social  Purpose Organisations (SPOs) are institutions that conduct their affairs primarily for the purpose of assisting other individuals, groups, or causes rather than garnering profits for individuals owners or founders of the organisation.


TIP : SPOs are also known as Third Sector organisations


Typically, SPOs are set up and ran by individuals who are passionate about a particular cause  (e.g.  the homleess, the elderly,  the environment, education, sport)  and want use their commitment to provide social benefits to their target group or society at large. 


In reward for their efforts the founder (s) of SPOs can draw a salary from the organisation and, in some cases (such as a community interest companies), receive moderate dividends if they hold shares in the organisation.

At FD Start Ups  we  offer a comprehensive (yet affordable)  formation service designed to help SPO founders with potentially problematic  task  of forming  their new organisation.

Although, our formation service  will fully handle the formation  process we recommend our clients read our  `Creating Your Social Purpose Organisation with FD Start Ups` article to get a basic understandings of the issues involved.



The SPO  formation service is based on a client collaboration  approach which enables us to provide you with a comprehensive and fully supported formation package that includes:

Ensuring you make the right choice between Charity, Social Enterprise, or whether to bypass them completely.

✓  Setting you up with the appropriate legal structure(unincorporated association, a trust, or one of the various types of limited companies).Read More>>>

  Clearing your proposed business namefor use by checking it (or one very similar)  does not already exist (or trademarked)andr egistering your chosen domain name(s).

Ensuring that you have a properly written constitution and well constructed objects clause to prevent your application being rejected by the relevant institutions (e.g. HMRC, the CIC regulator, the Charities Commission, banks).

Guiding you, where relevant, through the complex  registration requirements and procedures for  the Charity Commission (for potential charities) or the CIC Regulator (for  potential


Providing you with a personalised  Readiness Checklist for you to work through to ensure you have in place everything expected of a start up SPO and can commence operations and apply for grants  with confidence. 

If you already have an up and running organisation, we can look at what you are currently operating as and see whether you need to make any changes based on your current circumstances and/or future plans.


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To get started, simply  read our `Creating Your Social Purpose Organisation with FD Start Ups` article for  an overview  of the main SPO formation issues and then contact us  using one of the methods below 




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