Apply For A Loan

Applying for a business loan ('aka repayable finance' or 'debt finance') is a viable funding option for many start ups and early stage organisations especially if other funding options are not available or desirable.


Indeed, start up & early stage organisations can use repayable finance for a number of purposes including :     


 General start up costs         

 As a bridging loan until other income is received


 To support working capital requirements (e.g. purchase of stock or taking on new staff)

✓ To fund an asset purchase and/or development

 Growth initiatives


These days there are a wide variety of repayable finance options for eligible enterprises and choosing the correct one is not always obvious. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many enterprises to choose the wrong type of loan which turns out to be a costly mistake.

If you want to apply for a loan you can use our Search & Apply service which will help you seek out the best debt finance opportunities, from a wide variety sources, to ensure you get the correct type of finance for your organization`s circumstances.



Our search and apply process can be summarised in the following three steps :

Step 1. Tell us how much you need to borrow and what it’s for (e.g. to buy a van or stock ).

Step 2. We’ll match your requirements with almost every debt finance opportunity on the market and then provide you with a list of appropriate funders and offers.

Step 3. We’ll help you apply to any of the lenders you choose


The good thing about this methodology is that you are in control. You receive the list of possible funders and offers so it is up to you to decide which funders to contact and whether to do the applications yourself.  


However, with so much at stake we recommend certain applications be carried out by experts who know the market inside out to maximise your chance of success.  So as part of the service (at Step3) we, or one of our specialist partners, are here to help you with any applications (e.g.  to produce a requested cashflow forecast).


If you think your organisation could benefit from  our outsourcing solution please complete our online Contact Form and we will get back  to you on the best way to take the process further. Alternatively, ring us on 020 7717 9669 / 07961 109503 or e- mail us at accounts @ xxxxxxxx