Financial Direction

The Financial Direction service is our innovative financial insights program designed to provide owners and management teams of start up & growing enterprises with affordable high level financial guidance to help and inspire them to succeed.


The crux of the service involves  pairing you with one of our experienced accountant and business mentors who will work with you via  scheduled monthly or quarterly management meetings / progress checks not only  to help you keep a watchful eye on your financial performance, but also  assist you with decision making from a financial and commercial  perspective.

The program is designed  to make your finances easy to understand and administer so if you are one of the many brilliant entrepreneurs who do not considers themselves a ‘numbers person’, or simply lack financial  or commercial experience, the Financial Direction  program is likely to be of  be great benefit to you.

How It Works 

As one of the key objectives of the service is  to help you monitor your financial performance, the first things we do with you is develop an understanding of  your goals and then create a financial plan/forecast  and a set of Key Performance Targets (KPTs) that reflect these goals.

These KPTs are the heart of the program and exist not only to motivate you to reach your goals but also be used as a yardstick to measure your organisations performance as you go along.

At  the end of every Month  or Quarter , we meet with you (online and/or over the phone)  for management/ progress meetings to check your performance against your key performance targets (KPTs). This will help establish whether you are still in line to meet your goals and enable us to support you to make any changes to put things back on track if performance did not go as expected.

The meetings are also a great opportunity to receive advice and guidance on any other finance matters relating to your organisation  including  raising finance, taking on workers, purchasing a major asset, pay, pension and benefits for owners and leaders, tax and accounting issues,  overseeing and supporting your accounts  staff , etc.

By making these meetings /progress checks an integral part of your management routine you will never have to worry about making a business decisions again as we will ensure you will always have up to date financial information and access to expert advice whenever you have a problem.

Special version for the Self Employed

Although the scheme is flexible enough be to adjusted to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and types it is clear that self employed businesses (including sole director Ltd companies) have a unique set of  problems that need to be managed properly.

These problems  include dealing with ups and down in income, budgeting for tax bills, a lack of proper bookkeeping records, no income protection (e.g. sick or maternity pay) , pension issues, etc.

So if you are self employed we will enrol you on our  Financial Direction (SE ) program  which is a special version of the Financial Direction program for self employed individuals which will solve the above mentioned problems for you and help you achieve you overall business goals.

Benefits  of the service

The program works well in practice for our clients because the meeting do not take up much of their valuable time (i.e. only 4 - 8 hours per month or quarter on average ) and they find it easier to understand and monitor their financial performance using simple targets rather than reading pages of financial reports (although these reports will still be available for detailed analysis purposes).

By providing you advice, support and guidance on various matters (e.g. administration, compliance and operational issues) we can save you thousands of pounds in professional fees, cost efficiencies,  tax payments , avoiding mistakes and  time spent on unnecessary research, etc.

Furthermore, due to our action centred approach these meetings are usually the difference between you thinking and talking about what to do and actually making it happen.

Prerequisites  for the service

As minimum, you will need some type bookkeeping system in place, preferably cloud based. If you need support with this you can enrol on our FD Bookkeeping Service  which can be optimised for the Financial Direction program.


If you think your organisation could benefit from  our outsourcing solution please complete our online Contact Form and we will get back  to you on the best way to take the process further. Alternatively, ring us on 020 7717 9669 / 07961 109503 or e- mail us at accounts @ xxxxxxxx