The FD Bookkeeping & Accounts Service


The FD Bookkeeping & Accounts  Service is designed  exclusively for  our clients who have enrolled on our Financial Direction programme and do not have the inhouse skill (or desire) to do their  bookkeeping /accounting themselves, and want to save on the costs of employing  somebody to do it.


Under this scheme we take care of your bookkeeping and accounting duties thereby giving you the freedom to focus  on the things you do best like generating sales and providing excellent customer service.


All you need to do is get somebody from your organisation to digitally submit your financial documentation to us and we will remotely carry out the bookkeeping & accounting on your behalf.


How It Works

1. Download your FREE accounting software and set up your automatic bank feeds (we can help you with this).

2. Run your business as usual  but at agreed intervals  (e.g. daily weekly, etc)  simply snap, scan, upload  and/or  e-mail your financial documentation to us using your mobile phone, laptop or PC. 

3. We access this information remotely and update the ledgers on your FREE cloud accounting system for you to view or download .

4. Every month/quarter end we will carry out any optional extras you may have requested (e.g. VAT, Payroll, Gift Aid, etc.) and ensure your management accounts and the relevant performance data is ready for your  management meeting  under the programme. 

5. At the end of your financial year we will complete the accounting cycle by using the data on the system to produce your statutory accounts and tax returns (where applicable).

Who is the service suitable for.

This scheme is suitable for all types of organisation (businesses , charities, etc ) with a turnover below £250,000 who have enrolled on the Financial Direction programme. The only technical requirements are that your organisation should have an online bank facility and be open to using cloud based systems.


Benefits of  the Service

The benefits of the FD Bookkeeping and Accounting Service include:

  FREE accounting  software

  minimal manual data entry 

  paperless workflow

  flexible bookkeeping  plans ranging from daily to annual.

  low cost all inclusive fees  payable monthly

✓  24 hour access your financial data, reports and documentation whether you are on the move or sitting on the beach

easy access to support and advice whenever you need it.


If you think your organisation could benefit from  our outsourcing solution please complete our online Contact Form and we will get back  to you on the best way to take the process further. Alternatively, ring us on 020 7717 9669 / 07961 109503 or e- mail us at accounts @ xxxxxxxx