Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of setting your business and financial goals, creating a plan of action to achieve these goals and then monitoring your progress towards these goals so you can proactively make adjustments if things do not go as expected.

Whether you are a start up or SME, carrying out some form of ongoing financial planning is crucial to your organisation`s  survival and success - especially in todays fast paced competitive environment.

So to help in this regard we have created the Financial Planning service – a program designed to help entrepreneurs and management teams use a simple financial planning workflow to monitor and drive their organisation`s  performance even if they do not have relevant financial experience.
How It Works

In a nutshell, the Financial Planning service is a simple three step process as follows:

STEP# 1: Produce a set key performance targets that reflect your aspirations or business plan  

The first step of the process starts with us developing an understanding of your goals and then following this up by working out a set of key performance targets (financial and non financial) that represents the levels you need to reach in order to achieve your goals.

STEP#2: Run your business in pursuit of your targets

Once you have  knowledge of the targets you need to achieve to be successful you can then go all out to achieve these targets. To help you in your quest we will also put in place a simple monitoring and review system that gauges your progress towards your targets and alerts you when you need to take action to put things back on track.

STEP 3#: Management Meetings / Progress Checks

At the end of every month or quarter we meet with you (online and/or over the phone)  for management / progress meetings to help you spot any EARLY WARNING SIGNS and establish whether you are still in line to meet your targets.

If you are hitting your targets then great. We will help do more of what you are doing and/or increase the target levels.

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However, if performance did not go as expected we will be on hand to help you implement improvements (and reassessing your support needs) to put you back on track .

In addition to helping you to improve your business performance, your business mentor can assist you with more general business matters like being there to bounce ideas off, pointing you in the right direction when you are not sure what to do next, giving you a gentle push/reminder when urgent action needs to be taken, etc.

 Funding applications & business plans

If at any stage you need funding to move your enterprise  forward we will work with you to create a funding strategy to secure the funds you require. 


Together, we will search and select the realistic and viable funding options and then make the actual applications.


If a detailed proposal like a business plan or bank loan request is needed to secure a funding opportunity we can help you create a compelling and beautifully presented proposal (complete with evidence, research and financials) tailored to the needs of the funder.

Who is the service aimed at

The Financial Planning is flexible enough be to adjusted to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and types. So to ensure you get the best support for enterprise we have three versions of the scheme:

✓ Self Employed

✓ Small Businesses

✓ Charities and voluntary organisations

So whether you are self employed massage therapist or a fast growing retailer or church you can benefit from the service.

Prerequisites  for the service

As minimum, you will need some type bookkeeping system in place, preferably cloud based and optimised for the Finance Coaching service.

If you need any help with this we will provide you with the appropriate set up advice and  support as part of the service.

There is also some useful background learning / understanding which you should familiarize yourself and we will send you this information during the program.


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