Grants can be defined as funds  given to a person or organisation  that is designated for a specific purpose and does not have to be paid back - in other words is FREE money.


However, virtually all grants have one or more conditions attached  to it (e.g. how to spend the money, stringent record keeping and reporting requirements, etc) which if not met my result in certain penalties like having to repay the grant and and, in some extreme cases , prosecution.


Although grants are are available for both Social Mission Organisations (SMO) and businesses, the number of funding opportunities for for SMOs vastly outnumber the schemes available  for businesses. 


Grants for Social Mission Organisations (SMOs) are given to cover the direct and indirect costs of specific programs that relate to activities solving a clearly defined social need  (e.g. homelessness, supporting rape victims, etc) as set by  grant making institutions givers  or local and central  government.  . 

Grants for businesses are generally intended to encourage entrepreneurial activity, create new jobs and stimulate the economy particularly in the fields of innovation, energy, exports and the environment. Business grants can come in many forms including money, subsidies for labour and other key resources, vouchers for equipment and tools, etc.

Given the attractiveness of grants the competition for them is fierce  and the actual process of securing a grant is drawn out and sometimes complex.

However, if you do manage to secure a grant the rewards are high and you will be in a strong position to secure more grant funding  in the future  

If you wish to go for grant funding our Search & Apply service (see below)  can provide you with a detailed exploration into the grant funding available to you and how you can best maximise your chances of success.

Search and Apply service

Our search and apply process can be summarised in the following three steps :

Step 1. We develop an appreciation and understanding of what you do and you want to achieve.

Step 2. We match your profile with grant givers from a variety of sources and then provide you with a list of potential funders.

Step 3. Where required, we assist you with applying for any of these funding opportunities

As part of the service we will help you with the critical task of getting you `in shape ` administratively  and operationally so that  potential funders will have the confidence that you will properly manage any funds they give you.

In terms of actually writing up the grant application/proposal you are free to do it yourself  (using resources we provide you with if you wish ) and then maybe using our Application Review & Proofreading service (see below) as a double check.    

Alternatively,  we  or on of our specialist partners  can write up the application for you to  maximise your chances  of success and lgiving  you to focus


As an alternative to us writing up an application/proposal for you we can instead review a application/proposal that you have already written up . We will proofread it, help develop it further where necessary and ensure you have fulfilled all the grant giver`s requirements.

Having a professional  independent review of an application/ proposal you have written is always a sensible thing to do.

It is also a cheaper option than us writing up the application /proposal for you.


Our formation fees, including any consultations, are based on  but adopt a fair pricing fee baed on a fixed price and a small success fee.


Getting Started  

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