Business Plan Service


Our Business Planning Service is designed for aspiring start-ups and businesses seeking a business plan that can be used as blueprint for a successful launch (or re launch) and to raise external funds (e.g. from a bank or other funding institution).


Essentially, the service involves us acting as your business plan coach where we work with you to create  a compelling Business Plan for the purposes you require.

Biz Plan coach.PNG

The coaching sessions are there to assist you with the wording and supporting documentation requirements of the plan as well as help you  make positive changes to your business concept to make it more viable and more appealing to potential customers, investors and partners.


How It works

Using the Business Planning service is easy and involves the following three steps:

1. We establish the purpose of your plan and then send you a Business Plan template with the appropriate sections and specially selected sample text for your project.


2. Through one or more coaching sessions (which can be face to face, online or by phone), we will help you edit / tailor the sample text to match your project until the plan is complete and backed up with all necessary supporting material (e.g. market research,  financials, etc)


3.Together we conduct a final review of the plan (making any final alterations in the process) and then we round of the process by providing you with practical guidance on how to present the plan to potential investors and lender


Benefits of the service                                                                                  

As well as helping you produce a stunning business plan, our business planning service will enable you to :

better understand your business and discuss it with potential lenders

learn new things and improve your concept as you go along

access somebody who can support, inspire and motivate you to finish your business plan at a pace that suits you.


If you think you can benefit from our business planning service please complete our online Contact Form and we will get back to you on the best way to take the process further. Alternatively, ring us on 020 7717 9669 / 07961 109503 or e- mail us at accounts @ xxxxxxx