Social  Purpose Organisations (SPOs) are institutions that conduct their affairs primarily for the purpose of assisting other individuals, groups, or causes rather than garnering profits for individuals owners or founders of the organisation.


Typically, SPOs are set up and ran by individuals who are passionate about a particular cause  (e.g.  the homleess, the elderly,  the environment, education, sport)  and want use their commitment to provide social benefits to their target group or society at large.

In reward for their efforts the founder (s) of SPOs can draw a salary from the organisation and, in some cases (such as a community interest companies), receive moderate dividends if they hold shares in the organisation

The SPO Formation Package

At FD Start Ups  we have great affinity  for SPOs and offer a robust formation package that ensures the effective execution  of the formation process  including key tasks such as : 

o deciding whether  to operate as a charity/ voluntary organisation or a  social enterprise (or whether to bypass them completely) 


o drafting a robust objectives/purpose clause  and selecting an appropriate legal structure for  your project


o registering with the relevant  government and non government bodies for compliance purposes and to access 

any suitable FREE or affordable support you may be entitled to.


Getting these key issues correct at the outset is imperative as they have a huge impact on how you raise funds, tax benefits, what you can or cannot  do and achieve your goals, and much more.

The Finale - the Readiness  Check

To round off the formation we will provide you with a personalised Readiness Checklist (with an optional coaching session) for you to work through in order to make your project concept more viable and more appealing to your beneficiaries, potential grant providers  and partners.


Our formation fees, including any consultations, are based on the SPO legal structures chosen for your project and any extras requested. However, in general our formation fees range between £110 to £220. The main exception to this are Charity formations fees which start from £250.



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