The FD Accounts Service

At FD Start Ups we strongly believe that planning is an essential part of the start up process that provides a hugerangeof benefits and we totally recommended that anybody starting a business create some form of business plan before they start.

After all, if you are going to build a house you will surely do the planning before you start the project. The same applies to building a business.

However, it is important that you carry out the right kind of business planning for your circumstances.


If you intend to apply for external funding(e.g  from a bank, investor or other lender) then you will definitely require a traditional business plan to demonstrates the viability and sustainability of your project .


However, if you are of the many self fundingstarts ups looking for a simple and effective way to successfully launch and build your new venturethen some type of lean planis the way to go.


A lean plan is an ongoing planning process that enables you to make fast adjustments  to aspects of your business model therebygiving you the flexibility to quickly implementand  respond to change andcompete in today’sfast face paced markets


So, to ensure you get the right support for your organisation we have two business plan schemes to cater for these two scenarios - the Quicklaunch plan the Funding  Business Plan.

Quick Launch plan

The Quick launch plan is a lean planning system designed to helppre start ups and early stages organisations to successfully start and build their new business or  venture.

The scheme is a great  metholology to  either  test et your product/serbice in the market place  amd/or build your business up to the  point of scaling all the while keeping yiur risks and costs to a minimum.

Funding  Business Plans

The Business Plan service is designed to help e start ups or early stage organisations who need a business plan to apply  for external funding ( e.g. from a bank or other funding institution).

The service does much more than writing up your plan. It will help you refine your idea, fill in any gaps and generally improve your concept as your plan is produced. 


Choosing the correct plan

The main factor in determining which of the plans to choose is simply whether you will be applying for external funding in the short term. If the answer is yes then the Funding Business Plan will be most appropriate.


However , it must be understood that it is possible that you may end up using both services at some point. This is because the Quicklaunchplan is designed to cater for your ongoing planning and practical business  building needs whereas the Funding Business Plan is more of a one off tool to be used when you need to raise funds from an external institution


For example, you may have started off using the Quicklaunch plan which has helped you get to the point where you need money to quickly expand .You could then use the Funding Business Plan service  to produce a business plan raise the required money from your bank.


The benefits of the FD Accounts Service include:

  FREE accounting  software

  minimal manual data entry 

  paperless workflow

  flexible bookkeeping  plans ranging from daily to annual.

  low cost all inclusive fees  payable monthly

✓  24 hour access your financial data, reports and documentation whether you are on the move or sitting on the beach

easy access to support and advice whenever you need it.

a host of apps that can integrate or work with your accounting system which will make running your business far more




If you think your organisation could benefit from  our outsourcing solution please complete our online Contact Form and we will get back  to you on the best way to take the process further. Alternatively, ring us on 020 7717 9669 / 07961 109503 or e- mail us at accounts @ xxxxxxxx